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**Egyptian Journal of ChemistryThe Egyptian Journal of Chemistry is published bimonthly by the Egyptian Chemical Society. Contributions from fields of pure chemistry are invited. The fields includes general and physical chemistry, analytical and inorganic chemistry, organic and biotechnologyl chemistry, and applied and materials chemistry.For further information,
**The published works in the Egyptian Journal of Chemistry includes full papers, communications to the editor (Notes) and review articles. The time from submission to first decision is around 8 weeks. The rejection rate of manuscripts submitted for publication is 43% (2018) which is competitive with international rates (more 50%) in the field.
**Besides, the Egyptian Journal of Chemistry publishes Special Issues as honorarium for eminent figures in science (Tourky, Kamel, Sidky, Shams El-Din) and also for documenting the research work accepted for presentation in the international scientific conferences held in Egypt ( Zagazig University and the National Research Centre, Giza).
**Research articles published in the Egyptian Journal of Chemistry  are received from Arabian countries (Iraqi, Syria, Jordon, Algeria, Sudan) as well as from Nigeria, Zaire, Iran, India, Malaysia and Indonesia
**Hard copies of the Egyptian Journal of Chemistry  are regularly sent to the chemistry departments at faculties of science, agriculture and engineering in Egypt as well as to chemistry administration, WHO (World Health Organization) and library of congress of U.S.A. 
**Moreover several national decorations (such as the Order of Republic, Order of Merit, Order of Excellence and Order of Sciences and Arts) were bestowed upon them.
**The Egyptian Journal of Chemistry has also an Advisory Board which joins a number of distinguished scientists from Germany, United Kingdom, India, Czech Republic, Sweden, USA, Japan, Italy and Poland.
**During the period 1958 – 2018, the Egyptian Journal of Chemistry issued 61 volumes and over 3000 publications which are distributed within the main scopes of the journal as
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
General Chemistry Including (Environmental Chemistry, Nano Chemistry,   Biochemistry, Electrochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Textile Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Food Chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry).

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