Welcome to Egyptian Chemical Society, Founded in 1928


Present Priorities

In the last few years, ECS is much concerned with the following priorities:

1-The progress of chemistry with special concentration on chemical education in secondary school and universities .

2-Urging newly graduated chemists to integrate in ECS to ensure the integrity of the society .Publishing the Egyptian J.

3- Chemistry that now appears bimonthly.Increasing the frequency of scientific meetings, association and lecturing in different aspects of chemistry.

4- This is planned to be at different hostels.Helping chemistry researchers at scientific research centers and their colleagues in industry in tackling together problems that may arise in industrial and production centers. 

5-Professors and expertise with great abilities will help in this concern .Encouraging young chemists to participate in the conferences organized by ECS at a reduced and lionizing them to attend the meetings and representing them in the Board of Directors of Egyptian Chemical Society.